In the heart of the renowned "live music capital of the world," Luci's Best of Both Worlds tour made a powerful stop in Austin, Texas, revitalizing the city's EDM scene while transitioning her sound from bass-heavy EDM to the alt-pop of her latest album, "Bittersweet."
Featuring an all-female lineup from the opening sets by Wander and Rainbow Drip to the high energy performances of Pretty Na$ty and Luci herself, the Austin crowd delivered on its reputation for rowdiness, headbanging, and dancing. From die-hard ravers to casual bar-hoppers stumbling upon the event, attendees brought the energy while maintaining the strong sense of community that defines Austin's music scene.
The venue, Vulcan Gas Co., located right in the heart of Dirty Sixth Street. Despite being somewhat underrated compared to other local clubs, Vulcan impressed with its lighting and visuals, and solid bar service for a venue. Which is always a hit or miss, but at the Vulcan, it’s a hit.
As Luci blended her heady new alt-pop sound with EDM and dubs, the atmosphere inside the Vulcan intensified, reaching its peak just past midnight. As the night drew to a close, everyone left the club buzzed and smiling whether they had a drink or not.
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